We offer prenatalbirth and postpartum doula care. We provide support around the full circle of reproductive health experiences, including abortion, perinatal loss, adoption, and other aspects of reproductive health.

Our fees help us to continue the work that we are doing with families and to invest in training and mentorship opportunities for Indigenous doulas. At the same time, we believe that every Indigenous family who wants a doula should have access to one. We have worked to build partnerships with different organizations to make funding for Indigenous doula care available to Indigenous families. If you have financial need, please ask us about how to access grant funding to cover the cost of your care. We also encourage the exchange of culturally-relevant gifts (such as tobacco) to support the intention of reciprocity and the spiritual dimension of the relationship between you and your doula. 

Birth doula

Services provided:

  • Free initial 30 minute consultation
  • 2 prenatal* visits (2 hours) that may include: creation of a birth plan, information about Indigenous practices/remedies to support pregnancy and labour, planning for comfort measures during labour, accompaniment to appointments
  • On call 24/7 from 2 weeks before your due date until birth
  • Helping your family find community resources and services to meet your needs
  • Phone, text, or email support during pregnancy
  • Continuous non-medical physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support during labour and delivery
  • Immediate postpartum support (first 2 hours following birth)
  • 1 postpartum home visit (4 hours)
  • *Can substitute postpartum visits for prenatal visits if scheduling requires

Fees: A birth doula package starts at $1000. Additional prenatal visits are available from $40/hour (minimum 2 hours). 

Postpartum doula – for the first 3 months following birth

Services provided:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation (if not already a birth client) to see if we’re a good fit and to make a postpartum support plan based on your needs
  • Helping your family find community resources and services to meet your needs
  • Non-judgemental support/companionship
  • At home visits that may include (depending on your family’s needs):
    • Help with light housework/organization
    • Help with making nutritional snacks/prepping meals
    • Breastfeeding support
    • Babywearing support and education
    • Assisting parent or parents with basic newborn care (changing diapers, soothing techniques, bottle feeding)
    • Information about indigenous postpartum remedies (sitz baths, herbal teas, nutrition, traditional teachings about placenta and umbilical cords)
    • Spending time with baby/babies so parents can get some self-care time
    • Sibling care

Fees: Daytime doula (between 9am and 9pm): $25/hour, minimum 4 hours. Nighttime doula (between 9pm and 9am) : $30/hour, minimum 8 hours.

Abortion companionship and post-abortion care

We believe that the exercise of choice and informed consent over decisions related to your own body are crucial aspects of Indigenous self-determination, and fundamental human rights. We are available to provide non-judgemental support to Indigenous parent(s) considering or electing an abortion.

Loss & bereavement doula care

We are available to support Indigenous parent(s) going through unexpected loss at any stage of pregnancy. We can provide companionship, non-medical physical/emotional/mental/spiritual support, information about community resources and services to meet your needs, and offer Indigenous knowledge that may be supportive through your experience.


We offer workshops that can be customized to the needs of your group. Topics can include prenatal education, what is a doula, the significance of Indigenous birth work, postpartum education, and Indigenous perspectives on maternal and reproductive health. Activities can include sharing circles, herbal tea making, cord pouch making, etc. 

Fees: $300 for a 2 hour workshop + 1.5 hour prep time (materials extra). For group sizes of more than 10 or longer workshops, please inquire about pricing. For low-budget or no-budget organizations/groups, please inquire about trade or by-donation options.

Consultation Services

Our doulas have advanced educational backgrounds and work experience specializing in Indigenous reproductive, sexual, and maternal health. We can provide consultation services related to Indigenous cultural safety, healthy allyship, and other relevant educational topics. Please inquire if you have a question and are wondering if or how we can help.

Fees:  Rates start at $50/hour.