I would not have made it through my pregnancy without the support of my doula, Danette. I reached out a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant. My circumstances were less than ideal with multiples Moves through the province, difficult relationship, parenting a toddler for the first time while pregnant for the first time, morning sickness for 6 months, 8 hospitalizations due to dehydration from puking and migraines.

The support I received from Danette was safe, wise, compassionate, empowering and supportive. She very quickly became my go to support person for the challenges I endured in my pregnancy because of the support she offered. I always felt heard, listened to, understood and cared for. Not once did I feel judged for the things I was going through. She always helped me to connect to my power, intuition and truth instead of just giving advice

I am incredibly grateful for the support I received through this collective. During the birth of my daughter my doula was there and incredibly helpful and supportive. I had a c section and she spent the 2 hours with me in the recovery room while my parter was with our baby in NICU. I don’t know what I would have done without her there. It was a very scary time and her support was crucial

She also setup a meal train for me for my postpartum which was the biggest help

I would recommend this service to any indigenous woman who is pregnant and looking for the support of a doula


I had the pleasure of getting to know and having Miranda Kelly as my doula while I was pregnant with my second daughter. My sister recommended her to me and I’m so grateful she did. Miranda is a knowledgeable, kind, patient, and extremely supportive doula. She listened to my fears and concerns while deciding whether I would try to have a natural birth or a c-section; my first daughter was delivered via cesarean and I had anxieties about having a VBAC. I always felt heard and not judged about my questions and decisions. She had lots of information and resources for me when I had questions, gave me good recommendations when I was in discomfort, and also after I had the baby she gave me advice about nursing my daughter. I would recommend this service absolutely. I truly appreciated having an Indigenous woman as my doula, someone that understood my worldview and was able to offer words of wisdom about birth, health, spirituality, and overall wellbeing.


“For my first doula experience I’m so happy I got paired with Olivia, she was such an amazing help! I wish I had a doula for all of my pregnancies… she answered any questions I had and gave such useful advise post-partum that probably saved me weeks of stress with my newborn who was experiencing some colic. Always had a smile on her face and a very calming energy. She cares for her patients and you can tell she loves her job. Thank you for giving me the support I needed”


First off I’d like to say hands down, choosing Miranda as my Doula was the best choice I could make for my husband and I. At first I had no idea what to expect. This was my first child and I didn’t even know too much about what a doula did/was. Miranda was super resourceful and was able to assist me with also choosing a midwife. Miranda made our birth experience feel relaxed and not so stressful, as it probably would have been if we chose to do this without her.

From the very first time meeting her, to the day I gave birth, Miranda was very helpful and was there for us 100%. She was very punctual and would respond to us right away whenever I would contact her with questions or concerns.

I don’t have any immediate family close to me, so having her as part of my support team meant a lot too me and she was also the first one to show up to the hospital when I went into labour. My husband was late to the party so it really helped my nerves when she showed up as soon as she could. It meant a lot to me.

During the birth she was a complete super star. She was the calm in my storm and I knew with her there supporting us we would make it through. Miranda made sure I was comfortable the whole time and she knew all the tricks. Not only was she able to support me but she was able to guide my husband through it all as well. She was also very good at reminding me to use my own voice, when I didn’t know what was going on or if I was scared and needed more information.

Being first time parents and having Miranda by our side supporting us all the way until the end. I would not have it any other way. I will always recommend Miranda and the Doula Collective to expecting mom’s, interested in having a doula by their side and I will for sure have her by our side again, if we choose to add another one to our family in the future. I could not thank her enough, for the time and energy she brings with her.

Kleco, kleco, to Miranda.


Olivia saved us from our lack of no sleep with our first born child. She helped my husband and I after the first month of our baby girl being born. We thought we could manage but we were wrong and I advise that a night doula especially Olivia gave us peace. She has a calming and kind energy, and very professional. I was nervous at first, like any new mum would be. But instantly I felt at ease with her. Knowing that she would watch over my baby so I could get my rest to be a better mum. I recommend her to anyone looking for a night doula ( which is what we needed) sleep during those early months is so important. She’s super accommodating and trustworthy. She even made us a jar of home made strawberry jam with her grandma and that was just darling. Her background as a paramedic is what also made me feel confident about knowing if anything was to go wrong with our baby girl we had an experienced and knowledgeable health professional watching over her! Xx Thank you again, Olivia.