full spectrum doula training

ekw’í7tl Full Spectrum Indigenous Doula Training, November 2019

While the term “doula” is relatively new, the role of a helper for birth, reproductive, and women’s health has always existed in Indigenous communities. Many doulas and midwives see their work as a calling that connects them to their ancestors and homelands. We have designed a training program that centres the culturally rooted nature of Indigenous doula care, while attending to the physiology of birth, as well as contemporary contexts that shape Indigenous peoples’ reproductive choices, experiences, and outcomes.

This program was designed by members of the ekw’í7tl Collective, who collectively carry significant experience working in the field of Indigenous maternal and reproductive health as doulas, researchers, student midwives, mothers, and aunties. By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge they need to begin their journey as a doula, or to apply the principles of Indigenous doula care in their maternal or reproductive health-related professions.

Our training program provides an overview of some of the key issues related to providing doula care to Indigenous peoples and practicing as an Indigenous doula. Our course incorporates land-based and experiential learning techniques, and makes time for self-reflection. Modules include:

  • What is an Indigenous doula model of care?
  • Decolonizing birth
  • Indigenous teachings to support the physiology of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infancy
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Moontime and other pregnancy-related outcomes
  • Self-care and boundary setting
  • Ethics and professionalism in Indigenous community settings
  • Creating communities to support birth

What People Say

I thoroughly enjoyed and feel very honoured to participate in the doula training.

Training Participant, November 2019

I believe in the power that beginning/ ending this training with circle and prayer has helped create a safe space for all to share and learn from one another.

Training Participant, November 2019

Great presentation. Good info and “reawakens” the passion I have for supporting our Indigenous families. Thank you.

Training Participant, November 2019