joining the collective

We welcome new doulas!

If you are a self-identified Indigenous doula, birth worker, or community member who would like to join our collective, please fill out this form.

Our collective runs on a collaborative and empowerment model with other Indigenous birth workers. As a collective, we are non-hierarchical and use consensus-based decision making. We share mentorship and support amongst our members. Our shared values include decolonial, trauma-informed, anti-racist, inclusive, and accessible care.

Shared leadership and reciprocity are the foundations of our collective. Collective members are welcomed to contribute to collective administration and activities based on their interest level and availability.

We make every effort to ensure that our doulas receive fair compensation for their work. This includes working with partner organizations through advocacy, grants, and fundraising. We are working towards doula service funding models that do not rely on dependent relationships with the state, and support fulfilling, sustainable work for us an Indigenous birth workers.

Joining the collective is for you if:

  • You are committed to the principles of Indigenous reproductive justice and want to find ways to make this more meaningful in your everyday life
  • You feel you would benefit from a community of support and practice to debrief, celebrate, learn, and rant with as an Indigenous birth worker
  • You are interested in mentorship opportunities either as a mentee or mentor (or both!) within the field of birth work
  • You share our vision of returning birth to Indigenous communities and improving the reproductive and sexual health status of Indigenous peoples according to our own definitions of well-being
  • You believe that doulas can play an important role in mitigating the harms Indigenous families are exposed to while navigating the Canadian medical system
  • You believe that every Indigenous family who wants access to a doula should have one, regardless of income
  • You believe that Indigenous birth work should be compensated fairly and are willing to help with advocacy to make this the new norm.

Please fill out this form if you self-identify as Indigenous and are interested in joining our collective.