joining the collective

We welcome new doulas!

If you are a self-identified Indigenous doula, birth worker, or community member who would like to join our collective, please fill out this form.

Our collective runs on a collaborative and empowerment model with other Indigenous birth workers. As a collective, we are non-hierarchical and use consensus-based decision making. We share mentorship and support amongst our members. Our shared values include decolonial, trauma-informed, anti-racist, inclusive, and accessible care.

Shared leadership and reciprocity are the foundations of our collective. Collective members make the following contributions:

  • Attendance at least 1 volunteer birth per year;
  • Attendance of at least 5 leadership meetings per year;
  • For work that comes through the collective’s intake system that pays at least $500/birth, the doula will pay 5% back into the collective. This will fund volunteer births and community events. This is so all doulas can be reimbursed for parking, food, gas, and childcare costs when attending volunteer births.